At Proxible, we have a vision on how today’s technology can make tomorrow’s world far more interesting, engaging, helpful and relevant for both businesses and customers. We all are currently experiencing a time of rapid changes. Not to forget, these changes are evolving to a whole new level. The current generation is growing up with an entirely new media behaviour. It’s a generation that can’t imagine a world without digital connection.

Depending on place, time, past user experiences and social references, today, any physical object will be able to tell it’s own story. They are all connected with social preferences and big data from the real and virtual world.

In this so called ‘internet-of-things’ era, where everything is inter-connected, marketeers can find new, improved ways to replace their previously practised advertising methods with new interactive information experiences, based on direct requests from users.

The question is:
What do you think its the most meaningful brand experiences for your clients?

  • Movie posters that can actually show you a short trailer in a certain location,
  • Cars that can show you a driving impression onscreen before you decide to get in,
  • Historic paintings that can share their fascinating stories while you look at them,
  • Parking garages will proactively inform visitors where exactly that (one?) free spot is,
  • Could a pair of shoes convince you on how it will perfectly match with your taste in clothing?

At proxible, we constantly work on new concepts and ideas. But we think we finally understood how to channel all those creative thinkings into a solid platform. Proxible’s platform has been growing strong and we learned so much about it too.

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