The story of Proxible may come as a surprise. In fact, it all started by window-shopping! Shinjan Dasgupta (CEO) accompanied his wife for shopping at the city center, every Saturday morning. However, he found a pair of running shoes that particularly caught his attention. “I must have spent at least 10 minutes admiring these shoes. Not only that, I came back to the same store in the evening to have a look at those shoes one more time” he concludes. He finally didn’t pick that item up, but the whole experience got him wondering about today’s consumer behavior. To be fair, all he needed was a little push from the store assistant to buy that product. To him, any sort of marketing thrust could have triggered him to finalize his decision. “It could have been a cell phone notification with more motivating information” he pondered.

This entire experience got him thinking about the concept of making physical locations contextually informative i.e “Smart Spaces”. Businesses invest in the best audio/video/staff at their locations to positively influence customer behaviors. On the other hand, in the modern business infrastructure, you don’t have control over the virtual information on your locations. Nowadays, customers have the liberty to look at competitor’s prices on their mobile phones while visiting stores and businesses have no way to accept this. The Proxible “Smart Space” solution gives businesses the possibility to influence their customer’s behavior by enabling them to trigger notifications on customers mobile app when they are at your locations in real-time.

We believe in growth through creating a community.There are number of business owners and developers eager to learn about beacon technology and Proxible’s solutions. That is why, we’d like to share our insights from what we have learned so far. In our blogs, we will discuss related topics and how to use the current digital platform.


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