Proxible Press release – Glow Festival 2014

Eindhoven, NL – Proxible is partnering with the Glow festival to improve visitor’s experience.

Proxible will provide and deploy iBeacons across the city of Eindhoven during the Glow festival in November.

The Proxible beacons enable interactive contents to be pushed to the visitor’s smart phone through the Glow App. Therefore, the information about each exhibition will be available live for all the Glow participants. This concept will provide virtual tour guide possibilities for the visitors with handheld devices.

 The international light & architecture event (Glow) attracts more than half a million visitors each year, which marks Proxible’s project to be the largest beacon deployment ever in Europe (in terms of user coverage). Proxible, An Eindhoven based startup has visions to digitally connect the entire city infrastructure with its inhabitance.

GLOW NEXT at Strijp-S and GLOW in Eindhoven city centre,

from 8 until 15 November 2014, every evening from 18.30 hours. Free of charge.

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