What do our satisfied customers say about our work:

Erik Rommens

Managing director Rommtech

“We invited Proxible for an interview and it immediately became clear that our idea was taken up well and translated into the possibilities as we had in mind. I am extremely satisfied with our collaboration with Proxible!”

Otto Lagamaat

Director Smart Service Company B.V.

“Through our collaboration with Proxible, we have experienced how unburdening and trust with offshoring can really work well. In the past we had many less good experiences with this, but in our cooperation we have often been positively surprised.”

Thierry van Ekeren

Lead Architect Anva B.V.

“Proxible has removed the prejudices about outsourcing from me and offers us a team with high reliability and quality, which we at ANVA can rely on.”

Leon Bij de Vaate

Head of software development van Conneqtech B.V.

“Proxible helped us to quickly speed up our development with the creation of a combined Dutch-Indian team. This led to a great corporation and fast delivery of the projects.”

Remote development team

Are you experiencing problems in (temporarily) expanding your software development team? We have the right people available immediately.

Full stack development

With us you will find full stack developers: trained as a back end and front end developer. On location or working remotely. And that at an attractive rate.

Customized solutions

The fourth industrial revolution is forcing companies to rethink everything they know. We can help create tailor made solutions for this with you.

Let’s Work Together

Good software doesn’t just happen! it requires a sharp look, technical expertise and a sophisticated strategy. Proxible develops softwares for companies that want to go one step forward. Proxible acknowledges the fact that Software is often an important pillar within organizations. As a technical partner, we support internal development teams and whilst providing them with extra expertise they need.

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